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We believe the family owned and Metro Detroit located Schwab Industries is your best choice for prototype stamping and low volume production. Our mission is always to provide excellent customer service, meet deadlines, maintain an impeccably high standard of quality assurance, and keep production costs low, passing the savings and efficiency off to you, the customer.

We are at the forefront of the manufacturing industry, bridging the gap between high and low volume production. This allows us an ideal flexibility to tackle nearly any project you have in a timely and cost-effective manner. We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines, keeping costs low, and ease and security when working with us.

At Schwab, we specialize in:

When you work with Schwab, you’ll know you can be comfortable and confident in our work. With more than 30 years of successful experience, we have the track record to back up our output and the knowledge to help our clients identify and understand the best practices, tooling and materials to accomplish any project or vision they may have.

Perhaps the most crucial factor to accomplishing our work with aplomb is our team, work ethic, and commitment to accuracy and quality. We take pride and an old-world sense of satisfaction, teamwork, and honor in our work, while adding a modern sense of cost-effectiveness, speed, the latest in production technology, and accuracy.

Another factor in our success has been our modern facilities and equipment. As any handyman or fabricator knows, you must have the right tools to keep the job on time and to the highest standards of quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities work in the same manner, helping to keep costs down and keep products and prototypes on time. Our aerospace and automotive divisions are able to design, build, and check nearly any of our client’s needs.

Our modern, climate-controlled facility boasts:

Because of our more than 30 years knowledge of the tooling process, we are able to quickly provide quotes, as we know times is of the essence in the high-speed worlds of aerospace and the automotive industries. Of course, we also offer the height of industry standard certifications, including:

These allow us to satisfy Department of Defense (DOD), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

In both the automotive and aerospace industries, our quality and knowledge of the tooling and prototyping process are unrivaled.

We can provide, and pride ourselves, in:

Because of our extensive experience, high standard of quality over more than 30 years, knowledgeable, skilled, and accomplished team, we understand the best material and tooling options to best fit your product.

Due to our hot stamping and hybrid tooling process, Schwab is preferred by major automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

Our process allows for and includes:

Combined, all of these makes us the most efficient facility in the industry.

Here at Schwab, we believe we are the best choice for aerospace prototyping and fabrication, automotive prototyping and fabrication, and any small batch production needs. We stand behind all our work, and we hope you will choose us in the future.

If you’d like more information on our processes or to speak with a salesperson or expert, please contact us or call 586.566.8090.

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