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The Best Options for your fixture projects

After more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve cultivated a level of knowledge and experience in prototyping, production, design, and building of check fixtures and gages for the automotive and aerospace industries. We know the best material and tooling options to fit for your project, and budget leaving you feeling safe and at peace when you work with us.

We promise you’ll sleep easier knowing your project is in the best and most capable hands.

Some of our capabilities:

  • Component Gages
  • Assembly Gages
  • Acceptance Gages
  • Attribute Gages
  • Variable Data Gages
  • SPC Gages
  • Hot Stamp Gages
  • Go/No-Go Gages
  • Automated Gages
  • Process Gages
  • Hand-Held Gages
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Robotic Weld Fixtures
  • Spot Weld Fixtures
  • MIG Weld Fixtures
  • Riveting Fixtures
  • Hemming Fixtures
  • Bonding Fixtures
  • CMM Inspection Fixtures
  • Laser Fixtures (Hot Stamp)
  • Drill Fixtures

Services you can expect when you work with us

Project Management


Large CNC Machining including 5 Axis

Milling (Bridgeport)

Fabrication Welding (MIG,TIG)

Build/Final Assembly

CMM, Laser Tracker, Scanning

Quality Inspection

Installation & Transportation Logistics