Space Launch Vehicle

We've taken our capabilities to new heights.

Schwab Industries is proud to provide high-quality tooling systems for Space Launch Vehicle Programs. We know that today’s aerospace manufacturers have to produce highly complex components on timeframes that are more aggressive than ever. With over 30 years of experience in the aerospace tooling sector, we have the necessary expertise to expedite your manufacturing process while ensuring you can deliver superior products.

  • Facility supporting 50’ ceiling height with 30 ton cranes for large structures.
  • Staffing personnel with industry experience in Space Launch Vehicles.
  • Machining centers, and 5 axis laser.
  • Additional quality personnel and laser trackers.

Aggressive Timeframes for Space Launch Vehicles 

Our industry experienced personnel along with ownerships above investment allows us to engineer, design, process and fabricate efficiently, supporting any aggressive project timing. Our commitment to maintain an excellent rating with on time deliveries and supporting early project completion is something we at Schwab Industries are all very proud of.

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